Brew-Magic V350MS

Brew-Magic 2X

Brew-Magic XL

 Brewing level Home Light Commercial Home or Commercial Commercial & Pub-Use
 Controller Type Unitronics Vision 350 Touchscreen, 3.5″, 256 ColorUnitronics Vision 350 Touchscreen, 3.5″, 256 Color Ultronics, HD, 7″, 16:9 Ratio LCD Touchscreen
 MagicSoft Software Yes Yes Yes
 Kettle Size 15.5 Gallons 30 Gallons 52.3 Gallons (198 Liters/1.69 Bbl)
 Sabco Brew-Magic RIMS Technology YesYesYes
 System Size (with Kettles)74.5″ Length x 20″ Wide x 62.5″ Height 91.5″ Length x 25″ Wide x 60″ Height 106″ Length x 31″ Wide x 56″ Height
 Power Requirements 120V, 15Amp, 1800 Watt, 60 Cycle, Grounded120V, 15Amp, 1800 Watt, 60 Cycle, Grounded240V, 30Amp, 250v, L6-30P twist-lock
 Brewing Capacity 5-14 Gallons 10-25 Gallons 1.5 Bbl (46.5 Gallons)

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Shipping Policy:  BrewMagic Pilot is shipped via common carrier on a customized pallet. When purchasing this system online, note that we shall not calculate freight or process your order until we can contact you first and obtain your authorization for shipping. SABCO ships around the world and our shipping rates are very good. We shall work with you to determine the most convenient yet least expensive method of transportation. Due to the overall size of the shipping pallet (+/- 99″x 60″), lift gate service cannot be used for delivery. Alternate solutions for your area may possibly be arranged. These may include a “driver assist” plan to break-down the pallet while still on the trailer, then hand components down to your assistants. Ideally, you may have the use of a fork-lift at the destination. As an alternate solution, we can forward the unit to a nearby terminal where you can pickup using a borrowed or rented small trailer. With any solution, we suggest that you have an assistant or two for the unloading process. Once again, we will seek your approval for any best option.