Fermenters & Unitanks

Beer fermenters for home brewers and small craft breweries

Sabco offers two types of fermenter so whether you are a home brewer or a professional brewery, we can provide high quality fermenters at an affordable price.

Sabco Fermenters

This is a great little fermenter for home brewers. It’s made from a customized keg with 15.5 gallon capacity, then we add a stainless steel racking arm, ports in the top and a thermometer. All sanitary stainless steel construction and easy to fill, use and clean.

Unitank Fermentation & Bright

Unitank fermenters and bright vessels from Sabco are made with the highest quality and are rich in features. Our unitank fermenters are jacketed for cooling and CIP ready. They include all the features you’d expect such as top manway, thermowell, sight tube, carbonation port, etc.