//Customizing your Brew-Magic? Really?

Customizing your Brew-Magic? Really?

So you want to brew more beer with your original Brew-Magic V350 System and wish it were a bit bigger?

Each and every year here at SABCO, we hear from system owners who have increased their audience and need to brew more often to satisfy their thirsty patrons. Soon they wish that their commercial pilot system could “brew-magically” become bigger. At this point, many think that their need for a small-batch pilot system is now in their past, and simply now want to move toward a more production dedicated, bigger system. They’ve calculated that their work load would certainly decrease by making bigger batches on brew-day. So… their question to our staff is typically always the same one . . . “Can I put 30 gal. kettles on the Brew-Magic V350 frame?” Some actually ask if they can squeeze 55 gal. drums onto the original frame. Wow!  (I like to ask if they’d stuff more seats into their compact car)

Then of course, there is an occasional owner who decides to put safety and common sense aside by privately customizing the unit and then showing others how to do it too. By now, you’ve probably guessed why SABCO would suggest this to be a bad idea . . . right?  We just want you to buy a bigger one like our 2X or XL systems. . . right?

If so, then I’ll be the first to tell you that you’ve guessed correctly.

What you probably don’t know are the multitude of reasons why we say this.

I’m hoping that you’ll click on this link and take a few moments to read before diving into your new and less-than-improved Brew-Magic System.

Please be safe!


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