BrewMagic Premier Features:

  • Fully electric brewing system – no burners, no gas needed
  • 5,500 Watt electric heaters for HLT and boil kettle
  • Automated temperature control on all 3 vessels
  • Brew batch sizes from 5 gallons to 18 gallons
  • 30 Amp and 50 Amp versions available (both 230 Volts)
  • All sanitary construction without threads or threaded fittings
  • 3-vessel system: HLT, mash tun and boil kettle
  • Powerful magnetic-drive, centrifugal, sanitary stainless steel pump
  • Laser etched gradations on inside of each vessel (shown in gallons and Liters)
  • 7” high-definition color touch-screen controller
  • Software prompts brewer for mash steps and boil additions
  • Optional network connectivity to allow operation from phone, tablet, PC, etc.
  • Sabco’s famous algorithm for precise mash temperature control via low wattage density electric heater
  • Digital temperature sensors for each vessel
  • Very easy to clean, totally CIP
  • Mash a second batch while you boil the first batch
  • Easy step mashing
  • Batch or fly sparge easily
  • Pump-driven whirlpool
  • UL listed electrical controls package

BrewMagic® Premier Specs:

  • 20-gallon vessels
  • Input power requirements: 230-240 V AC, 30 or 50 Amps (30 Amp version will allow you to heat mash and either HLT or boil simultaneously, 50 Amp version will allow you to run all 3 heaters together)
  • HLT heater: 5,500 Watts at 230 Volts
  • Mash heater: 1,000 Watts at 230 Volts
  • Boil kettle heater: 5,500 Watts at 230 Volts
  • Sabco supplies power cord with 6-30P plug on the 30 Amp model and 6-50P plug on the 50 Amp model (you’ll need either 6-30R or 6-50R receptacle)
  • Dimensions: 92″ long x 22″ deep x 62″ high
  • Weight: Approximately 300 pounds
  • Vessel dimensions: 18″ inside diameter x 19″ tall
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