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NEW! BrewMagic™ Pilot

BrewMagic™ Pilot is a new 30-gallon system built on the tried-and-true BrewMagic™ platform. We have gone all stainless, increased batch capacity, boosted the pump and enlarged the touch-screen.

The system is ideal for:
• Serious home brewers
• Friends who brew together and each want to keep 10 or 12 gallons
• Pilot brewing and recipe development
• Nano brewery startups
• College and university brewing science programs


Brew-Magic V350MS

Has single-handedly opened more brew-pubs and micros than any other brewing system in existence.

Designed by brewing scientists for pilot commercial use, literally thousands of advanced brewers have utilized this little ½ bbl. System to improve their brewing skills while honing their signature recipes prior to investing in larger systems.

Today the very largest and smallest professional brewers are using this remarkable little pilot brewery.


Brew-Magic 2x

SABCO’s 2x is aptly named…and like its flagship Brew-Magic V350, it’s a perfect portable pilot with extremely repeatable recipe performance.

The 2x employs 30 gal. kettles which makes it “2X” the capacity of the original Brew-Magic along with every bit of the “Magic” of its predecessor.


Brew-Magic XL

Brew-Magic XL is SABCO’s latest offering. The XL is designed for commercial start-ups, tasting rooms and pilot usage.

It utilizes the precision capable repeatability of the internationally recognized Brew-Magic V350 while adding a “boat-load” of system enhancements…all in a portable, single tier 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 barrel package.


Brew-Gear & Accessories

Be sure to visit SABCO’s full line of support gear for both the brewing professional and advanced amateurs alike.

It’s our mission to offer only the highest quality products along with the most sanitary and durable designs.

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